Waste management using Biosphere Technology

Published: 22nd February 2011
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Whether we accept it or not, we need reliable solution for the wastes problems in the Philippines. And landfill is not the answer. Aside from the fact that landfills exhaust lands that can be used for development, these landfills also take along problems in the communities including contamination of groundwater and health problems.

The use of landfills or dump sites spoils the beauty of the land, leaving it worn-down and rancid. Just take for example the situation of Baguio City today. The city which was known for its cool climate and clean environment years ago is now one of the dirtiest and most congested cities in the Philippines. Their city government is now having perennial garbage problem for they are still stuck into the sewer and garbage disposal plans for 25,000 people whereas the city has now approximately 300,000 populations. The Irisan dump site which used to be a temporary remedy for their garbage issues has eventually closed due to many problems. Hauling their garbage to Capas, Tarlac has been the city’s recourse for two years now but this only contributed to the city’s distressing problems. The operation alone is depleting the city’s resources not to mention the complaints of many residents in Capas, Tarlac who are now opposing the operation because of health concerns. Only recently the city government finally decided to end the transferring of garbage to Tarlac in two months’ time. Good thing is they are now eyeing on the use of green technologies to solve their aggregating problems.

Saving the environment

The situation in Baguio is just one of the numerous environmental issues in the Philippines which have ruined many lives and our environment. The worst flood incident ever recorded in Philippine history which happened during Typhoon Ondoy is also one. We could have witnessed a different story if we have all taken care of this concern efficiently. And from that unexpected onslaught of Ondoy, a lesson should have been learned. The government is not alone in this problem; we should all take responsibility on taking care of our environment’s welfare.

One of the solutions which local governments should consider in ending these environmental problems is the use of green technologies such as biosphere facilities. Good thing in City of San Fernando, Pampanga, they have already started this through biosphere technology project agreement with Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation (SBSC). SBSC is the only company with exclusive license to market, sell, promote, operate and manage the Biosphere Process in the Philippines.

Together with True Green Energy Group (TGEG) SBSC is now encouraging local government units to use this technology for wastes problems. Right now, SBSC has already existing contracts for the biosphere project in City of San Fernando Pampanga, and Tanjay City Negros Oriental. According to their government officials this would help them greatly in cleaning their environment. Moreover many nearby provinces would also benefit with the generated electricity once it starts operating.

The biosphere technology is an invention of Dr. Chris McCormack , the Chairman and CEO of GEECF. The technology uses gasification process where in it harnesses the calorific value (combustibility) of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) to derive green energy. A single biosphere facility can recycle up to 720 tons of garbage and destroy up to 172 tons of non-recyclable garbage per day.

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